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These educational documents provide interesting and practical examples related to subjects like mobile testing, outsourcing, or performance, security, and automation testing.

The TCoE Benefits and Why Your Company Should Build One

In today's highly competitive market, a company needs speed and agility to stay in the game. Customer demands increase regularly, as they ask for things faster, better, and cheaper. With so many options available, they won't hesitate to jump to a competitor. Project level quality assurance may not be enough any longer to keep the SDLC efficient while increasing the reliability of products. Companies need to realize quick growth while keeping profit margins high. This kind of pressure can easily make ineffective teams crumble.

Traditional testing teams have different managers that use different processes, utilize separate resources, and often have varied business focus. As a result, quality is often inconsistent and customers can be left less than satisfied. Testing cycles are generally longer, releases are often delayed, and the lack of shared resources increases costs.

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