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With mobile device usage increasing exponentially year by year, it’s clear that the mobile market needs to be a primary focus. Mobile broadband subscriptions outnumber fixed broadband subscriptions 3 to 1 worldwide and in the last 3 years alone the subscriptions have grown over forty percent. There are currently over 2 billion mobile web users across the world – nearly 30% of the population – and that number is expected to reach the full seven billion in just 4 short years.

Well over 10% of all website page views are from mobile devices, thanks to the fact that 90% of mobile users in the US and Europe have an internet ready phone. Recent surveys have concluded that one quarter of the population in the US rarely or never use a desktop/laptop and instead perform all online tasks using mobile devices like tablets or phones. That number climbs to an astounding 70% in places like Egypt and India.

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