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Full Regression Testing Is It Worth It

As a vital component of a healthy and error-free release, regression testing is necessary to ensure that existing modules or processes were not adversely affected by recent changes. In 2012, Kickstarter introduced a new API to their web application. On release, it allowed unauthorized access to 70,000 of their client's projects. The error was found quickly and access was limited to just 48 unauthorized people, but the lesson was still evident. It appeared that while testing was done on the API, regression testing of the entire application was not completed and led to a loss of data integrity.

But, just how much regression testing is appropriate?

Running the entire suite of tests – that could number in the many thousands – is prohibitively expensive and time consuming for every single release. At QA Mentor, we believe that while performing a full regression is appropriate at least once a year and for any large, involved releases, a more focused regressions is suitable for regular releases.

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