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Static Testing Checklist

Static testing has become increasingly popular as of late as people are starting to become more aware of its effectiveness.

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Static testing has become increasingly popular as of late as people are starting to become more aware of its effectiveness. We at QA Mentor have developed our own static testing methodology. Our procedure utilizes five comprehensive proprietary checklists to help identify as many issues as possible before coding has even begun.

Use Cases Requirements Validation Checklists

This checklist seeks to validate that all end-user actions are identified, as well as any input and output related to them. It checks for the existence of step sequences for easy test case creation, and boundary, pre/post condition, and interface definitions. Alternate paths and inheritance issues are also touched. The more thorough and detailed the use cases are the more accurate and comprehensive the test cases can be.

Functional Requirements Validation Checklist

This checklist makes sure that the Functional Requirements identify all necessary elements. Functional capabilities, user characteristics, constraints, inputs and outputs, calculation methods, and reports. It also looks at the database functionality, interface listings, and hardware, software, and network requirements.

Prototype/ Screen Mock-up Validation Checklist

This document looks for matches to the use cases and requirements. It also verifies usability by validating the navigational flow, conciseness, and simplicity of the user interface. Both primary and alternate flows are checked for validity, and it looks for representation of all UI requirements.

Field Dictionary Validation Checklist

All input fields must have definitions in the UI and corresponding database fields. This checklist verifies that every field in the UI is defined well enough to create field level validation test cases. Both the form level and database level validations are expected, and the checklist looks for mapping to the corresponding prototype screens. Fields are check for min/max length, data type, list values, error messages, whether they are mandatory or non-mandatory, and any masking requirements.

Architecture Review Checklist

With this checklist, the architecture is reviewed for completeness and clarity. All business level processes are examined including development plans (in-house or offsite), database accessibility, server locations, network diagrams, protocol definitions, and load balancing. Test equipment is also reviewed.

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