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Performance Test Plan

Its purpose is to describe the process to be used to verify that new or changed components meet the pre-determined performance requirements.

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The Performance Test plan outlines in detail the objectives, scope, and approach for the Performance Test. Its purpose is to describe the process to be used to verify that new or changed components meet the pre-determined performance requirements. The changed components could be either software or hardware related. It gives direction from both business and technical perspectives, and specifies acceptance, entry, and exit criteria along with a preliminary test schedule.
Performance Test Objectives
For each business process, module, or application, the objectives are listed and defined here. The objectives stem from anticipated workload, change requests, or performance requirements. At a high level, this section listspeak users, number of transactions, and response times for normal and peak loads.
Test Scope
The scope contains a detailed breakdown of business processes and the load mixing, if applicable. This section also outlines the component or processes that are out of scope for this performance test, as well as any performance testing types that will not be included.
Acceptance Criteria
This section details the high level requirements mentioned in the Objectives. It defines the normal and peak loads, the expected transaction and response times for each applicable component in the scope of the test. The number of users, number of transactions, or report processing criteria per minute/hour/day are listed.
Test Approach
The largest section of the document, the Test Approach defines the process, timing, testing scenarios,test script creation and validation, and testing location for each performance test type in scope, such as Benchmarking Test, Integrated Test, and Stress/Soak Test. The hardware details and comparison of the production and test environments are listed, and all performance testing tools and associated monitoring processes are defined in this section as well. This section also contains the process for handling defects, error statistics, and test results documentation.
Test Schedule
For each testing activity, the start date, end date, and required support are listed in a table.
Entry and Exit Criteria
This section is a list of all activities that must be performed prior to executing the performance test and the criteria to be met prior to considering the performance test complete. It also lists the persons or teams responsible for each activity.
This lists any planned deliverables and descriptions along with those responsible for completing and delivering them.
Risks, issues, assumptions, dependencies
All performance limitations, associated risks and mitigation efforts, assumptions and dependencies are described in these sections.

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