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Execution Completion Report

The System Test Completion Report is designed to provide complete picture of the System
Test execution and any associated issues.

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The System Test Completion Report is designed to provide complete picture of the System Test execution and any associated issues. This report serves the purpose of giving evidence that QA Mentor met the pre-determined exit criteria for the System Test. It’s also an official Sign Off document. All of the information contained is to offer analysis and assessment of the tests performed, the test coverage, and outstanding defects and risks. It is based on the information provided in the System Test Plan, and the experiences of the plan execution. The major sections are listed and described below.

Purpose and Objectives

This section discusses the document purpose and the objectives for the System Test to meet the business needs and expectations. The new features that were tested and all activities performed by QA Mentor in relation to the release are listed.

Testing Summary

The count of all planned, executed, passed, and failed test cases are outlined in a table broken down by each testing phase and module/feature.

Risk Assessment

This section describes any testing items that remain incomplete, and/or excluded tests and the associated reasons for exclusion. If none exist for either, that is stated instead.

Defect Analysis

A very complete picture of the defects associated with the System Test resides in this section. The analysis is displayed in numerous graphs and charts for easy identification. Defect count by severity, a graph of defect severity and status, a chart outlining defects by root cause, a breakdown of all invalid defects, and a deferred defects summary. Attached here will also be a complete defect list. Any business, operational, or technical risks associated with deferred defects are identified here.

Test Schedule

The test schedule in the System Test Plan is reused here and updated with a breakdown of a testing phase and their associated planned and actual start and end dates. The test coverage is captured with a table of the number of test cases per module or functional area. Any downtime that affected the schedule is presented here with reasons for the downtime and the effects it had on lost days or hours. All test results (passed/failed/incomplete) will be broken down in this section, taken from Quality Center or similar test case tracking software.

Qualitative Analysis of Release

This section details specific ‘pain points’ associated with the system test such as insufficient time, delayed builds, or unplanned test executions. Lessons learned during the system test are described to help both the client and QA Mentor in future endeavors. Examples include adding extra time for data setup or requiring detailed scenarios up front. Project recommendations are provided by our experienced staff and relate to their personal experiences during the System Test and aim to help the client with maintenance or future releases.

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