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Automation Test Plan

This document will outline and describe the testing approach and each of the tests related to the
automation testing of the delivered product.

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This document will outline and describe the testing approach and each of the tests related to the automation testing of the delivered product. It will outline each of the manual tests within the Manual Test Plan that can and will be automated.

The tests will be related to the specific phase of the testing involved. For example, if the automation plan is for the System Testing Phase of the project, then it will map to each manual system test that has already been mapped to the related requirement in the system requirements document, or the system specification document. Because of these simple connections to other tests, it will be easy to quickly see the range of coverage offered by the automation test plan and how it can ensure quality. It will also allow for easy identification of areas that will not be covered by the automation test plan and will have to be completed manually.

Each test will contain clear entry and exit criteria, the user roles utilized during the tests, and any pre-conditions the test team will be responsible for setting up and validating prior to execution of the test plan. The test automation services has clear standards for which information to include, and how to represent it. Some of the sections are as follows:

Explanation of the automation coverage

Description of manual test cases, end-to-end flows, business scenarios, validations which will be automated.

Concise list of what will be tested

List of each specific manual test that will be automated.

Concise list of elements that will not be tested

If any manual test cannot be automated, it will be listed here with a brief explanation why.

Test Environments

If there are any specific hardware or software requirements related to the system under test and the automation test plan, they are outlined here. For example, PC or MAC computers, mobile devices, operating systems, browsers, etc.

Test descriptions

Each test will have a brief description regarding the functionality being tested.

Identification and description of any known risks

This section may describe risks related to the automation testing such as instability related to data or system environments forcing a delayed execution, or lack of thorough integration testing.

Description of the testing approach (methodology, tools, etc)

This section details the complete automation test approach dependent on the phase of testing involved. If the test is a system test, then the system testing needs, expectations, and goals will be described.

Data requirements for each test case

If any data is required for a test, it will be described with each test case so the requirements can be met prior to execution of the plan.

Team members roles and responsibilities

Each member of the team is listed here, with their specific role related to the automation test plan and contact information.

Unique identification for traceability

Each test will be identified using a standardized methodology that represent the product being tested, the functional area, and the manual test being automatedList of any known issues involved with the Automation Plan – If any part of the application cannot be tested due to incomplete code, security restrictions, database restrictions, etc then those will be listed here

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