Case Studies

These case studies span the global market and provide keen insight into real project experiences, such as starting out with process improvements for a valued client and ending up with a TCOE establishment.

Test Management Tool Transition


A background screening company using an open source defect tracking tool to manage the increasing load of their SDLC desired to switch to a more detailed and in-depth solution. The Software Quality Assurance department needed more structured test data management, defect management, and mapping between requirements, test cases, and defects. The team did not know how to transition between the two tools without upsetting the current development processes and didn't have the time to pause development.


The client lacked an effective tool to handle their increased capacity. Their Quality Assurance department had been working on more structured process flows as their workload increased and the complexity of their tests increased. Their current open source tool lacked management features they deemed necessary to take their QA organization to the next level of quality. Quality Center from HP was determined to have the management features they needed for test data and defect management.

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