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Security and functional Testing for Online Store

The client already had a complete application in production, with functional testing having been completed in-house quite some time ago. They wanted an outside team to perform additional tests due to customer complaints regarding significant checkout problems, lock-ups, and time-out errors. The internal QA team that performed the initial functional testing was unable to reproduce any of the issues, but complaints continued to come in from various customers. The complaints came from only 5% of the users, but it was significant enough that it warranted a deeper inspection. In addition, the client wanted a full security test performed on the system to rule out any current security issues and protect against any future ones. They enlisted QA Mentor’s help.

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The primary challenge posed to QA Mentor was finding the needle-in-the-haystack issue surrounding the customer complaints of incomplete checkout procedures. With such a small percentage of users experiencing the issues, QA Mentor knew that many variables were going to need to be tested to find the magic formula. Full security testing was also to be completed on the checkout and payment system (server and client-side) and the user profile management module.

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