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These case studies span the global market and provide keen insight into real project experiences, such as starting out with process improvements for a valued client and ending up with a TCOE establishment.

Performance & Security Testing After Oracle Upgrade


The client managed a large enrollment system operating on an older version of Oracle. They were planning on upgrading their Oracle software to the newest version, but wanted to verify the performance of the application afterwards to make sure that the upgrade didn't degrade it. The client enlisted QA Mentor's performance experts to plan, run, and analyze the performance test from beginning to end. As a secondary task, they wanted a security test performed to double-check for any possible security issues after the upgrade since security testing was never performed on their enrollment system.


Since the client had not completed a performance or security test for several releases and didn't have the appropriate testing tools in-house, tools needed to be evaluated, installed, configured and all-new scripts created. For the performance test, a base line needed to be established. The entire legacy system used both Java and Oracle and the client wanted the performance evaluated end-to-end, using multiple enrollment scenarios.

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