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Simulator Test Tools

Some of the simulation tools lets you time travel software in the future or past to test all date and time sensitive functionality without changing code or altering the server clock.

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Simulation testing tools allow you to mimic production infrastructure or replicate user behavior. Without simulating specific conditions some of your tests can not be run successfully and you cannot provide complete certification of the software. Some of those tools can save you lots of hassle and coordination work with environment support, database or infrastructure teams. Some of the simulation tools lets you time travel software in the future or past to test all date and time sensitive functionality without changing code or altering the server clock. Other tools can simulate load or virtual users behavior.


TimeShiftX is a date and time simulation software that lets you time travel software applications into the future or past to temporal test all date and time sensitive functionality and code such as end of year/month, daylight savings, leap year, billing, rates, policies, etc. Time travel test without any code changes, manual work, or server isolation.

Cross Platform Time Travel

TimeShiftX allows cross platform date and time testing so you can future date test every aspect of your environment. Time Travel multiple operating systems and distributed systems in sync via TimeShiftX.

No Code Modifications

With TimeShiftX, no code changes are needed. Our product employs a virtualization layer/container that wraps your entire software with a simulated time no matter how many layers or number of applications & databases are embedded.

Total Application & Database Compatibility

TimeShiftX is compatible with all applications and databases such as SAP, SQL Server, Oracle DB, WAS, Siebel, and many others. TimeShiftX will successfully wrap them with a virtualization time container and allow testers to perform efficient temporal testing.

How does it work?

TimeShiftX employs user level virtual time containers to provide simulated dates & times to applications & databases. Simply create a simulated time for a user account and immediately all applications and databases running as that user account will begin seeing the simulated time. Virtual Times can be in the future, past, frozen, or accelerated/decelerated.

No Environment Reboots & Reloads

The outcome of companies trying to manually execute temporal testing always results in environment reboots & reloads as damage has been done to the servers. With TimeShiftX, none of this is needed as our simulated dates and times are temporary and only wraps the user level space (not core system files), thus leaving your servers intact and undamaged. Simply turn on a simulated time with TimeShiftX, run your tests, and turn TimeShiftX off!

Active Directory & Kerberos Compatible

One of the biggest challenges and blockers of time travel testing is Network Security Authentication Protocols such as Active Directory, Kerberos, or LDAP which prevents you from performing any type of temporal testing. With TimeShiftX, security tokens are maintained at all times and you will never get kicked out of the network, regardless how far in the future or past you time travel.

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