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No matter how good a tester is, security testing is difficult without the proper tools to assist the testing process as well as providing meaningful reports.

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The integrity of your customer’s data, or lack thereof, can directly affect a company’s bottom line and reputation. Web applications that lack proper security are easy targets for malicious individuals. No matter how good a tester is, security testing is difficult without the proper tools to assist the testing process as well as providing meaningful reports. Below is a list of our favorites that our QA experts use for clients who utilize our Security Testing Services.

HP Fortify Software Security Center

HP Fortify Software Security Center is a suite of tightly integrated solutions for identifying, prioritizing, and fixing security vulnerabilities in software. It automates key processes of developing and deploying secure applications. It helps you resolve software vulnerabilities by integrating vulnerability analysis across the entire software life cycle—from development to QA testing and even to deployed applications. It provides a clear, accurate picture of software risk across your enterprise. This tool can also identify areas for improvement to accelerate the reduction of risk and expense.

IBM Rational AppScan

IBM Rational AppScan is a leading suite of automated Web application security and compliance assessment tools that scan for common application vulnerabilities, generate actionable reports, and help manage regulatory and standards compliance in online environments. These products are designed for the broadest range of users-from non-security professionals to advanced power users who can utilize the added tools and extensions to create a customized scanning environment.

HP WebInspect

HP WebInspect is an automated and configurable web application security and penetration testing tool that mimics real-world hacking techniques and attacks, enabling you to thoroughly analyze your complex web applications and services for security vulnerabilities. By allowing you to test web applications from development through production, efficiently manage test results, and distribute security knowledge throughout your organization, WebInspect empowers you to protect your most vulnerable entry points from attack.

Beyond Security (beSTORM)

Beyond Security (beSTORM) does dynamic security testing of products in development and can be used by network administrators to certify the security of networked applications before deployment. Software QA departments that may be using a dozen different tools to test application security can now get all dynamic security testing done with just one. Administrators who must certify applications before deployment can now use one tool to test all networked applications – even those with proprietary protocols.

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