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While many facets of software testing can be done manually, performance testing is not one of them. It is highly dependent on testing tools, both to perform the actual tests and to help analyze and chart the results.

While many facets of software testing can be done manually, performance testing is not one of them. It is highly dependent on testing tools, both to perform the actual tests and to help analyze and chart the results. Because of that fact, finding the right tool for the job is crucial. Different tools are better in different environments and codebases, and of course different budgets. Below is a list of the tools most often used by QA Mentor’s performance testing specialists.

HP LoadRunner

HP LoadRunner is the industry standard for application performance testing. The load testing tool helps you prevent issues by detecting bottlenecks and to obtain an accurate picture of end-to-end system performance before going live. Extremely flexible for organizations and projects of all sizes, LoadRunner software testing tool enables you to test a range of applications including mobile, Ajax, Flex, HTML 5, .NET, Java, GWT, Silverlight, SOAP, Citrix, ERP and legacy.

Neotys (Neoload)

Verisium (vPerformer)

Verisium (vPerformer) is a performance testing tool that is used to measure the performance, scalability and load stress capacity of web applications. vPerformer is capable of instantaneous large-scale virtual load generation in the cloud that would often be too costly and time consuming for you to setup internally. Dynamic load generation allows you to test against any number of virtual users, and pay only for the time your tests are running. The vPerformer Cloud realistically models user traffic by enabling you to run vPerformer Load Agents at different locations around the globe. vPerformer provides you with the tools to monitor not just the web application under test but also any of its associated components. This includes web servers, application servers, database servers, operating systems, network components, and the various SNMP implementations. This allows you to locate performance bottlenecks and pinpoint the root causes of any performance issues. Unlike many other performance testing tools, monitoring features are available in vPerformer at no additional cost.

Borland (Silk Performer)

Borland (Silk Performer) has the versatility of shared licensing, technical accuracy, wide environment support, and uses testing hardware more efficiently. Silk Performer is an integrated, powerful and easy-to use load and performance testing solution for optimizing the performance of business applications. This tool makes it easy to create accurate and realistic tests that simulate tens – or even tens of thousands – of users in a wide range of enterprise environments including the latest web 2.0 and mobile technologies. Silk Performer’s tests isolate issues and bottlenecks that could impact reliability, performance and scalability. Intuitive diagnostic and analysis capabilities within Silk Performer help resolve those issues quickly, reducing test-and-fix cycles, accelerating time-to-market and supporting critical release decisions related to application performance.

Apache JMeter

Apache JMeter is open source load testing tool. Primarily a performance testing tool, it can also be integrated with the test plan. In addition to the load test plan, you can also create a functional test plan.  This tool has the capacity to be loaded into a server or network so as to check on its performance and analyze its load under different conditions. Initially, it was introduced for testing web applications, but later its scope widened.   It is of great use in testing the functional performance of resources such as Servlets, Perl Scripts and JAVA objects.  Need JVM 1.4 or higher to run.


NeoLoad is a tool used for measuring and analyzing the performance of the website. The performance test itself and the results can be evaluated by using this tool. This helps you in improving and optimizing the performance of your web application. NeoLoad analyzes the performance of the web application by increasing the traffic in order to see in real time the performance of the site under load. You can get to know the capacity of the application and the amount of simultaneous users it can handle. This tool was developed by the French company, Netosys, is written in JAVA, and is available in both English and French.


LoadRunner this is a HP product which can be used as a performance testing tool.   Also, it is very useful in understanding and determining the performance and outcome of the system when there is actual load. One of the key attractive features of this testing tool is that it can create and handle thousands of users at the same time. This tool enables you to gather all the required information with respect to the performance and based on the infrastructure.   LoadRunner is comprised of different tools; namely, Virtual User Generator, Controller, Load Generator and Analysis.



WebLOAD is a load testing and stress testing tool for web applications. This tool can be used for Load testing any internet applications such as Ajax, Adobe Flex, Oracle Forms and much more. Through WebLOAD, you have the ability to measure the working performance and also its response to the users. This award winning tool was developed by Radview Software. WebLOAD is widely used in environments where there is a high demand for maximum load testing, as it gives you clear information on the functionality and the actual capacity of the web applications.




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Rational Performance Tester


QEngine (ManageEngine)


CloudTest (SOASTA)


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