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With the mobile market exploding, mobile testing tools are increasing in number, functionality, and integration options.

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With the mobile market exploding, mobile testing tools are increasing in number, functionality, and integration options. Where once it may have been difficult to find something that worked across multiple platforms, now there are many to choose from. Keeping up with such fast-paced changes is not an easy task, but at QA Mentor we know it’s crucial to the future of software quality assurance. Our QA Lab Compatibility Service utilizes all of these mobile testing tools and more, with new additions to our list being added all the time.

Android SDK

Android SDK The Android software development kit (SDK) includes a comprehensive set of development tools. These include a debugger, libraries, a handset emulator based on QEMU, documentation, sample code, and tutorials. Currently supported development platforms include computers running Linux (any modern desktop Linux distribution), Mac OS X 10.5.8 or later, Windows XP or later; for the moment one can develop Android software on Android itself by using AIDE – Android IDE – Java, C++app and Android java editor app. The officially supported integrated development environment (IDE) is Eclipse using the Android Development Tools (ADT) Plugin, though IntelliJ IDEA IDE (all editions) fully supports Android development out of the box, and NetBeans IDE also supports Android development via a plugin.

BlackBerry Simulator

BlackBerry Simulator with a BlackBerry Smartphone Simulator, you can run and debug applications as if they were on an actual BlackBerry smartphone.

DeviceAnywhere Free

DeviceAnywhere Free is an easy-to-use on-demand tool for a quick test of your mobile web content on real mobile devices—from anywhere—at any time. DeviceAnywhere Free allows you to interact remotely with real live mobile devices in real time so you can see exactly how your website content looks and acts across a range of different mobile devices. This is the only service of its kind, providing access to real devices over the Internet. Unlike other free services, these are real mobile devices, so you can quickly see how your mobile website will render across a variety of popular smartphones.


Experitest is a test automation tool for iOS, Android, Blackberry and WindowsPhone. It records on both real devices and emulators and can run the same tests on multiple devices and OS without jailbreaking. It can use native, web, image, and text recognition methods and integrate with Quality Center, Team Foundation Server, Jenkins, and more. Plug it in, and record and play your tests with support for gestures and multi-touch.


Xcode is Apple’s powerful integrated development environment for creating apps for Mac, iPhone, and iPad. Xcode includes the Instruments analysis tool, iOS Simulator, and the latest SDKs for iOS and OS X.

Appkitbox (Remote TestKit)

Appkitbox (Remote TestKit) Have you ever wanted to test a new application on various devices, or haven’t had access to a device when you’ve received a troubleshooting inquiry? Remote TestKit enables you to immediately access the required device through your computer. It supports Android and iOS smartphones and tablets. Remote TestKit is a remote rental service for over 200 different types of smart devices. It presents genuine smartphone testing that simply can’t be done with emulators. Easy, anytime access from your PC to the required device through the internet.

Borland – Silk Mobile

Borland – Silk Mobile supports WP8 and iOS 7, as well as broad support for platforms including Android, iOS, Blackberry, Windows Mobile, Symbian, and HTML5. Silk Mobile’s visual capabilities make it easy to use. Record tests directly from the device where they are created visually in reports, which storyboard the test execution right through to the advanced scripting in an IDE of choice. Silk Mobile is suited to each team’s way of working and is easy for them to adapt – from the business analyst, to the developer.

Droid Explorer

Droid Explorer is an Android API browser. It’s a great tool for mobile app developers. It demonstrates many of the things that a developer can do with the SDK calls and Java APIs on Android devices.

Perfecto Mobile

Perfecto Mobile is a leader in cloud-based testing, automation and monitoring solutions for mobile applications and websites, using a wide selection of real mobile devices accessible via the Web. Users can rely on the MobileCloud automation capabilities to develop, test, deploy and monitor their mobile applications and services to dramatically reduce the risk of a wide deployment while increasing quality and customer satisfaction. Perfecto Mobile is a leader in cloud-based test automation & monitoring for mobile applications.

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