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As the DevOps practice continues to expedite the pulse of innovation, its participants are compelled to pivot in accordance with this new shift sweeping over the IT industry. One example of those participants is QA testing engineers.

Much like other departments, a QA team used to be a sovereign part of the software development cycle, just like separate cubicles and enclosed areas comprised office layouts in days past. Today, the emergence of the DevOps methodology is rewriting the rules of the development cycle where the whole process is seen less like an assembly of individual components; rather, it’s synonymous with the contemporary, open-office design whose boundaries are growing less distinguishable as the new business culture based on collaboration continues to gain momentum.

With DevOps’ emphasis on communication and speed, QA testers are no longer hired to find defects behind the scenes post factum — they are active agents who rely on their creative prowess to contribute to the development process in real time.

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