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Who are Testing Service Providers and What Do They Really Do?

If you start searching for the information on the Internet using the keywords you will find various definitions of testing profession. Now we will try to clarify what is the role of software tester, which skills should he have and where does he work.

It is better to display the data in the form of a table:

  Small organizations Large organizations
Low-skilled specialist Journeyman, often left to solve different problems  alone Typical project participant who at the same time actively works towards higher qualification
Highly-skilled specialist Handyman, versatile specialist, but sometimes lacks rich structured testing experience. Expert in one or few fields, consultant, manager of the department

Testing service providers usually have a lot of work because businesses are in rush to market their products that need to be verified before being distributed to the customers. In our fast moving hi tech world, they want more and more for their software and necessarily release it with new features implemented. After each upgrade the build is to be checked for defects but this is the job of testers who help to improve quality of software.

The more skilled specialist is, the more job offers he may receive (even in one and the same large company), therefore main emphasis will be laid on testing skills, abilities and knowledge.

Dedicated tester is a specialist that can perform any type of verification to at high professional level. They ensure quality of a web or app in many terms like functionalsecurity, logical, operating system or multi browser compatibility. Using specialized tools and incorporating advanced testing methodologies dedicated testers manage to reduce the risk of failure of the products and achieve their 100% quality.

In the beginning of any career, a specialist (and tester is not an exception) does not only fulfill his professional responsibilities but also gains knowledge in the course of his work.

It is quite enough for the newbie to have a good grasp of the industry, in particular, to have a deep understanding of test-cases, bug reports, know what to do with the requirements, be able to use a pair of tools and get along with team-mates.

You should have a many years’ testing experience so that to deliver the highest quality It testing services. But before this, you will do a variety of work and first of all you will get slowly involved in all the stages of project development process.


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