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What Does Automated Testing Service Involve?

In software testing, test automation process consists of three major components:  

1. Function library

Function library is a set of functions (user-defined functions) used by the scripts. The main criterion for its creation is a duplicate functionality. This term can be applied to any functionality of a software product, which is available in more than one script. A typical example of such feature is a user authorization function. This functionality will be encountered in almost all scripts. Before the user is able to do something in the program he should be logged, shouldn’t he?

Automated testing service turns to be extremely useful when you are in a rush to meet project deadlines. It helps to run all kinds of tests easily and fast. At that, you will be able to test your IT products more effectively.

2. Object repository

Object repository is a description of all graphics elements for a software product. Before any of test automation tools available in the market can work with any element in the graphical user interface, this element must be described in the appropriate format and stored in a special file.

Automation testing company offers benefits of test automation such as reduction of repetitive test cycles and acceleration time-to-market!!

3.Script library

Script library is a set of scripts that execute the tasks with software automated testing. In fact, this part of software test automation is the core of the whole process, namely, it is its “powerhouse”.

Besides automating the software part, test process automation requires using specialized documentation (description of the infrastructure, performance matrix, and so on.) and a data set for automated testing. The set should include the expected return values, the data entered during the test and so on.

Finally, we will get familiar with two formal definitions:

The script is a logically complete piece of code stored in a separate file and is the implementation of a specific test case.

Infrastructure is a set of automation elements, which ensures a stable and optimized work of the script library, which is not involved in implementing a particular test case. The infrastructure includes a function library, object repository and a data set required to conduct automated testing.

Opting for services of automation testing companies you become able to regress your software apps exhaustively once any changes are made to them. You have the chance to reduce the test time overall quality assurance efforts and get high-quality software at minimal cost.


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