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Web Application Testing Services: Testing Web Content for More Than Usability

Each webpage should be necessarily tested for correct contents from a web user perspective. There are two types of web page content verification followed by the best software testing companies like QA Mentor:

  1. Confirmation of the proper functioning of each component.
  2. Confirmation that the content of each is correct.

Web application testing services are simply obligatory to check your web content for all kinds of bugs prior to making it live.

Well, the first type of testing is intended to check that:

  • All images and graphics are displayed correctly in different browsers.
  • All content is presented according to the requirements.
  • Page structure remains the same in different browsers.
  • Crucial pages preserve their online content from one version to another version.
  • All parts of a table or a form are available, and they are properly located.
  • Links leading to important content correctly work inside and outside the website.
  • Tooltip objects are correct.
  • Web-page has attractive design.

To verify the correctness of the contents, you must check the contents for accuracy, assess the correctness of spelling, grammar, and terminology. Web testing company is always ready to advise you on how to improve web content.

Dynamic pages are created automatically as the user requests them. These pages are never placed on any server at full size. For example, searching a single object, databases may be updated, and then list quite different results each time when one and the same search will be carried out. Web-pages require appropriate messages to be displayed if data are unavailable or if the amount of data to be submitted is more than the specified page size.

Typically, dynamically generated HTML-pages are used for the search results. Since most websites require a continuous change of their content, the testers must ensure that these changes do not adversely affect the entire website. Regression testing involves running existing tests to make sure that the website still operates as expected. The purpose of these tests is as follows: 

  • Determine whether the same content can be loaded into the new page, not only into the previous one.
  • Verify whether the new page is identical to the previous version.
  • Check if any important information is the same or different.
  • Verify the correctness of the links.

Website testing services are delivered to conduct complete testing of web-based systems before the code goes into production.

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