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Understanding the Benefits of Static Testing

Do you review BRDs or FRDs looking for inaccuracies, usability issues, or application pathways that aren’t covered? What about other documentation such as design documents, user stories, or use cases? If you do, then you perform at least some level of static testing. And if you do, then you already perceive a benefit from the practice. But are you doing enough static testing?

If you don’t do these things, then you are missing out on an element of end-to-end testing that could cut down your development, testing, and production maintenance times drastically.

Static testing is done before any coding has started and often continues until functional testing starts. Review the very documentation that is used as the basis of development and finding issues long before even a line of code is written reduces both the costs and time of development and testing. Missing or incomplete requirements, poor design, or specifications that don’t follow best practices are just a few of the issues that can be found using static testing, thus eliminating having them hard coded, found during testing, and then re-coded. Nearly half of the defects that make it into production could have been found during static testing cycles.

Static testing can be informal, such as just document reviews by testers, or they can be formal reviews that engage the entire team or even stakeholders. Different documents may require different levels of formality, or different team members to consult for expertise.

Regardless of precisely how you review the documents, the important thing is that your team does the review at all. In time you can make your reviews more standardized by using checklists and preparing reports. The first step is to start reviewing and go from there. You’ll be amazed at how many issues you can find before developers even start writing code.

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About the Author

The author, Ruslan Desyatnikov, is the CEO & Founder of QA Mentor. He created QA Mentor to fill the gap he has witnessed in QA service providers during his near 20 years in QA. With Ruslan’s guidance, unique services and methodologies were developed at QA Mentor to aid clients in their QA difficulties while still offering a high ROI. Ruslan offers monthly seminars aimed at imparting his extensive testing knowledge that can be applied to start-ups as well as large companies. To learn more about QA Mentor and testing services please visit or contact Ruslan directly by sending email to


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