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Top Tools to Perform Mobile App Testing

Mobile application testing is important to assure you can make it successful. The best approach is to outsource your mobile app testing project to one of the best software testing companies as these companies have expert testing engineers and top tools. If you are looking for recommendations here are the top tools you can use to perform testing of the mobile apps.


Very strict requirements to the interface and functionality, a special closed platform, a kind of mechanism for distribution applications – all of these requirements quite clearly identify testing software for iOS specific in a separate niche with their specific problems.

Beta Testing

Beta testing on iPhone is a tedious process for the tester. All in its multi-stage: first, the user needs to find the UDID of his / her device, and then send it to the developers. Only after these actions from the user his / her device is entered in the list of registered devices, and then going to a working version and sent him to mail a letter asking about the installation. The user logs into iTunes install the app and only after all these operations, it is on his/her device. So the user needs to send the feedback manually (automatically it cannot be done). So for iPhone, the question of the use of special services for multi-platform testing services is more acute than for other platforms.


Monkey Testing

Monkey is a tool for stress testing. It generates pseudorandom user actions. However, the Monkey allows enough flexibility to customize Bohu, the interval between events, their type, etc. For such testing the application’s source code is not required — it just needs to be installed on the device or emulator, and the launch in the simplest case, is done from the console.

Tools for automated testing

The most popular solution is Robotium. “It’s like Selenium, but for Android” — the developers say. The tests are written in Java. In fact, Robotium is a library for regular unit tests, there is no opportunity to run tests on the device (remote control). To test the application, you need to collect them with this library. Have the ability to test applications without source code, but the process is nontrivial.


It is a plug-in for Eclipse, which allows you to record tests (record and play) format Robotium. The system interacts with the phone using the standard Android debugger. The developers promise to release more and TestDroid server, it will allow to create clusters for testing. The decision is paid and still in the beta stage.


It allows you to perform functional app testing, providing an API for managing the device. MonkeyRunner is more low level in comparison with Robotium and doesn’t require your application source code. MonkeyRunner uses Jython scripts or test scenarios can be written in Python, or record user actions using the recorder.

Monkey and MonkeyRunner is bundled with the Android SDK.


It is for Android is a free, open-source tool for testing the interface. The program is able to record high-level action-based test automation scripts in Java/JavaScript, which you can edit and (if necessary) to write by hand.


It is another open source tool for automating GUI testing. Open cross-platform visual environment for creating scripts, which is oriented on the programming of graphics interface with images (screenshots). The feature – script that sets the succession of actions allows using screenshots to give the command to press the button, it is sufficient to substitute in the script in the screenshot of this button.



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