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Top 3 Must Have Mobile App Beta Testing Tools

There are a high number of apps which never get used after download. This ratio is called the abandoned ratio. To assure your mobile application is used by the users and you have the highest engagement rate, you must use mobile beta testing service before actually launching the app for targeted users.

The mobile beta testing means making applications available to selected users for beta testing. The QA professionals must be part of the beta testing. They test the beta version of a mobile application to identify potential bugs, defects and improvement areas. A complete test report will then be provided to the developers to make final fixes and improvements to make the app a big hit in the market.

The best QA and Software testing companies and experts must use the following top 3 mobile beta testing tools to perform efficient mobile app beta testing.


It is an iOS app testing tool developed by Apple itself. It allows you to invite testers and users to test the beta version of an app in its beta phase. You can collect feedback on different aspects and modules of the app from beta testing users. The testing experts can test this beta version on 30 different devices. This tool allows testing of 1000 iOS apps simultaneously by professional testers and external users.


You can reduce the mobile app development life cycle by integrating three different phases: deployment, beta testing and collecting feedback based on mobile app beta testing. It allows creating distribution sites to attract external beta testers. One can create multiple distribution sites based on custom requirements. It provides features such as feedback collection, bug reporting, real-time download, user information, and more metrics. The testing engineer can provide updates about the beta testing and the right build of the app during the testing phase.


It is developed by Microsoft to simplify the process of mobile app beta testing. This mobile testing tool can be used to test Windows, iOS and Android apps. It allows you to distribute a beta version of the app to groups of people with extensive controls. The software testing expert can control the features available to each user. Also, he can collect feedback and reports of app crash and bugs in it. Furthermore, it gives access to user level analytics to track user behavior with the app to find possible improvement areas.

These are the top 3 most widely used mobile app beta testing tools. Each QA testing company must use it.

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