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Top 4 Necessary Tests on Blockchain Projects

Blockchain is one of the top buzzwords these days. Almost everyone around is talking about it. As we all know it works on the fundamentals of digital currency, called, cryptocurrency.  It is a chain of nodes and ledgers. The nodes are the participants and the ledger is produced by the imitation performed by the peers. There are many smart contracts running in the world that have Blockchain as a building block. We, as testers, need to understand the fundamentals of Blockchain and the best practices to test the smart contract and cryptocurrency related projects. In this article, I will share top 4 must perform tests on the Blockchain project. Whether you are working in one of the best software testing companies or working as an individual software tester, the Blockchain testing will add additional value in your work portfolio.

Let’s unveil 4 major tests that you must perform on the Blockchain project:

  1. Unit testing

Generally, unit testing is performed by the developers, but many top software testing companies cover it as part of the Blockchain testing process. The reason is developers often overlook certain bugs at module level, which a tester can identify. This also helps in identifying bugs at an early stage.

  1. API testing

Generally, APIs are used between Blockchain systems and different applications for communication and to run certain actions. The top QA companies aim to test the efficacy of this communication. The interactions and API calls are validated and verified with various testing processes in the Blockchain testing project.

  1. Functional testing

Blockchain is dealing with currency, so the functional accuracy becomes even more crucial here. The functional testing covers testing components like block size, chain size, block addition, data transmission. The top software testing companies aim to test different use cases and business scenarios.

  1. Performance testing

Blockchain applications work in a highly dynamic environment. Different applications can have different types of volume, load, stress, etc. and that’s the reason the best software testing companies create a custom performance testing plan and execute it based on the smart contract nature and predefined performance metrics.

These are the top 4 must perform tests on the Blockchain project. You, as a software testing engineer, also need to understand various jargons related to Blockchain industry and its working models.

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