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How to Cultivate Skills to Test AI Systems?

Machine learning and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are becoming a tidal wave. The big companies like Google, Facebook, Microsoft, etc. are bringing amazing applications developed on top of AI. These applications are not limited to big companies because these applications have started touching lives. Thus, the software testers need to cultivate skills to test AI systems. But the question is, how to do that? There are so many technologies in AI and so many products and so many applications. How does one learn all these? How does one cultivate required skills? Fret not. We are going to give quick tips that you can use to master AI system testing.

  1. Create Passion for AI

To learn AI, you will need to start with understanding the fundamentals and the technology itself. It would be tedious at times because you will need to read a lot of whitepapers, research papers, etc. If you are not passionate about AI then it would be impossible for you to go a long way. Thus, you need to start with a developing passion for it. You can do it by knowing the wonders AI and machine learning can do. These facts are so fascinating that you will get attracted towards it for sure.

  1. Select the AI arena

Artificial Intelligence has many branches such as machine learning, probabilistic learning, reinforcement, etc. It would be tough for you to become master of all. Of course, the best software testing company may have a team of AI testing experts that have expertise in multiple AI languages and tools. However, an individual tester has to narrow down the focus. You can select any one branch of AI to start with. Also, there are many applications developed in AI such as chatbots, smart home systems, surveillance system, etc. You should choose any one system to master, to begin with.

  1. Start learning in context to testing

AI is fascinating and it can get you involved in other things than testing. You have to keep a point in mind that you are learning AI for testing. Your learning curve has to be well defined and focused. Thus, you must start watching videos of testing experts, read articles and guides on best AI testing practices and enroll in the workshops and training courses offered by the experts. This will give you enough learning knowledge to run tests on the AI.

  1. Apply testing knowledge

Once you learn AI testing methods using various types of software testing tools, you need to start testing your knowledge. There are many AI systems available as open source. You can start with those to test your new skills. This way you can get your hands dirty and go in the right direction.

These are the top 4 tips that you can follow to cultivate required skills in testing AI applications.


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