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The results are in: Quality assurance (QA) testing quality is going up while costs are coming down. According to the latest edition of the World Quality Report, the share of IT budget allocated to QA testing has been falling year-on-year for the last four years.

As the founder and CEO of QA Mentor, an independent software testing company, this trend isn’t setting off any alarm bells for me — on the contrary. Just as the report authors pointed out, this pattern is a sign that software testing has left the fringe end of the IT industry spectrum and burst into the mainstream.

One of the main factors underpinning this trend has been the growing symbiosis between DevOps and Agile frameworks and software testing practices. In the early years of DevOps and Agile adoption, fear loomed large that QA testing would go extinct, with developers expected to shoulder the lion’s share of testing efforts. As it turned out, this didn’t happen. QA testing has merely evolved to keep up with today’s technology and client expectations for faster delivery.

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