User Acceptance Testing Phase

User acceptance testing utilizes real-world scenarios to weed out bugs related to usability, learning curve, and convenience.

User Acceptance testing (UAT) is sometimes the final testing phase for many companies, and is occasionally referred to as Beta Testing.

If a product works correctly but isn’t actually useful to the end-user, then the project will be a failure. This is why an application could pass functional testing but fail in the UAT.

User Acceptance Testing

  • Utilizes real-world scenarios
  • Focuses on usability
  • Considers learning curves and convenience

UAT Tries to Answer

  • How fast can the user accomplish their tasks?
  • How easy is it for users to learn the basic functions?
  • How many errors does the user encounter?
  • How much does the user like the system?
  • Is it better than the competition?

QA Mentor can serve as a final, independent verification and validation service for your acceptance testing. Rest assured that your project is a success in production by using our professional, creative testers during your UAT phase.

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