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Production Verification & Acceptance Testing Phase

Production verification testing makes sure that the live build is working as
intended in its new and final environment.

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After all other testing phases are completed and a build is released into production, the final phase begins. Production verification testing makes sure that the live build is working as intended in its new and final environment. Occasionally a build goes wrong and pieces aren’t applied correctly or are missed altogether. Production verification seeks to identify these problems quickly before a customer or client does. Rollback procedures are established beforehand and employed if the build is considered a failure and will take too long to fix.

Generally, test accounts and data are created in the production environment that will either be hidden from end users or deleted after the verification is complete. This testing phase only takes a few hours and is concentrated mainly to ensure that the application is stable and in complete working order. All major components are tested and any new functionality introduced is exercised. This phase occurs after initial product release and after each subsequent patch or update.

Production Verification Testing

Ensures build was done correctly

Verifies all pieces are present

Touches all major components

Exercises any new functionality

Verifies the live build is working as intended

Takes only a few hours

Done after any new release or patch

Proper and complete production verification requires knowledge of the product and experience with common build issues. QA Mentor can help you to identify critical test cases that need to be run as part of production acceptance validation and we can execute the tests at any point in time during the product release or later patches and updates. Late nights and weekend deployments are not uncommon in order to affect the least amount of end users. Let your team keep their nights and weekends while QA Mentor does the work on their behalf.

QA Mentor Provides

Experience with common build issues

Identification of critical test cases

Late night and weekend execution

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