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Module & Unit Testing Phase

QA Mentor can assist development teams during this phase by providing
independent module validation and verification.

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The module and unit testing phase of the SDLC involves testing the smallest parts of an application individually. Commonly automated, unit testing’s objective is to validate the correct functionality of each unit under isolation. Additionally, if automated, unit tests can be reused over and over, and as such facilitate inexpensive, continuous software testing to verify functionality and to eliminate unnecessary dependencies. The end result is a more efficient and effective codebase.

Testing units individually aids in finding the cause of a defect faster. If you test a grouping of units together, it can be difficult and time consuming to root out the source of a particular defect. However, by testing them individually prior to integration, defects within the individual modules can be identified earlier and fixed quicker. Properly engaging in this testing phase can also help to ensure the performance of code so that slowness doesn’t inadvertently creep in over time.

Benefits of Unit Testing

Find more defects

Find the root cause of defects faster

Automation allows reuse of test cases in later phases

Eliminate unnecessary dependencies

More efficient and effective codebase

While defects found in this early stage of development cost nearly nothing to fix, some development teams neglect this phase of testing due to time constraints or lack of manpower. QA Mentor can assist development teams during this phase by providing independent module validation and verification. Our dedicated team of experts can help to free up your developers to do the actual defect fixes rather than performing testing. Let QA Mentor worry about the testing in this phase, and we will provide you with the necessary expertise to find and fix flaws in the units prior to the more complex integration testing phase. Our primary interest is to be an extension of your development team dedicated to catching the errors early, reducing your costs, and lowering your risks while allowing other team members to focus on other aspects of the project.

QA Mentor Provides

Independent module validation and verification

Dedicated team that frees up your developers

Necessary expertise

Early error detection

Lowered costs

Reduced risks

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