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Usability Testing

The goal of usability testing is to test how easy the software is to use, learn, and how convenient it is for the end user.

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The simplest definition of usability testing is that it validates the application under test is user-friendly. Another black box testing technique, usability testing measures how comfortable users feel using the application based on the layout, navigation, flow, speed, and the validity of the content. Sometimes this kind of testing also compares the application to similar competitors, or to previous versions of the same application to validate increased functionality or the competitiveness of the product.

The goal of usability testing is to test how easy the software is to use, learn, and how convenient it is for the end user. It tries to answer questions like the following: How fast can the user accomplish their tasks? How easy is it for users to learn the basic functions? How many errors does the user encounter? How much does the user like the system?

Usability testing requires some creative thinking, a good understanding of usability issues, and great observation skills on the part of the testers, and a willingness to be open to suggestions and new ideas on the part of the developers or stakeholders.

If planned and executed correctly by experienced testers, usability testing can be highly beneficial and effective in helping to fix all problems that a user might face.  Problems that are often easily missed in other types of testing. QA Mentor’s Test Execution On-demand service is a great way to get creative, professional usability testing performed on your application and make sure that your customers will be satisfied with your product. By validating the usability of your product, your company will have a competitive advantage in the market.

How we do it

  • Identify competitors or evaluate prior versions of the application under test
  • Create a test plan based on usability evaluation criteria
  • Execute tests
  • Provide a report of our results and suggestions


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Benefits to a Customer

  • Better quality end product
  • Product has a shorter learning curve
  • Product is easier to use

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