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Security Testing

Security testing is a non-functional type of testing performed to check if an application or system is vulnerable to any number of potential attacks

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Security testing is a non-functional type of testing performed to check if an application or system is vulnerable to any number of potential attacks.  The process is designed to determine that the system protects confidential data and still maintains its functionality. Lost information means lost business and possibly lost money.  Security testing checks data encryption, firewalls, and any other possible access points used by malicious individuals.

Generally speaking, the people performing security tests try to think like a malicious user and attempt to ‘hack’ into the system using multiple methods. Common attack tests include Denial of Service (DOS), SQL Injection, authentication, Cross-site Scripting (XSS), privilege and function exploits, and direct object pathways.  Each of these types of tests can reveal a weakness in a web or mobile application that could be exploited for the personal gain of dangerous individuals. The majority of web and mobile applications submitted for security verification do not pass the first time. Even a small breach could cost your company millions in lost business, loss of trust, and lawsuits.

Proper security testing requires dedicated training, ongoing education, continuous practice, and top rated tools.  Since the dynamic world of software security is in constant flux, the best security testing engineers immerse themselves in the community of security testing and keep up to date on the latest threats and how to avoid them.  This kind of testing is highly specialized and should never be disregarded as something that any developer or tester can do without proper training.

The time to worry about security is before an attack, not after. With QA Mentor’s Security Testing Services, we can work with you to certify your site and give you and your clients the safety and security they deserve. Your customer’s sensitive information may be your prime concern, but it’s our business.

How we do it

  • Review design specifications
  • Develop a security test plan and test cases
  • Execute test plan
  • Log defects
  • Retest after issues have been fixed


If you’re ready to take the next step and let QA Mentor help you with your NonFunctional Testing

Benefits to a Customer

  • Frees up your team for other projects
  • Scalable resource effort available
  • Reduced time-to-market
  • Improved security and assurance of data integrity

We’re here when you need us. If you have questions about anything on our site or our services, or if you are ready to start a consultation, we want you to contact us so we’ve tried to make it easy.

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