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Performance Testing Services

Performance testing services includes multiple, distinct facets to fully exercise the software and hardware and
identify any weaknesses, as well as a benchmark where and when the issues arise.

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Performance Testing Services

Performance testing services include multiple, distinct facets to fully exercise the software and hardware and identify any weaknesses, as well as a benchmark where and when the issues arise. Different tests are used to verify the performance from varied angles.

Load testing is done to find the failure threshold of a system by incrementally adding concurrent users until the system’s response slows. This information gives us the optimal load boundaries and helps to identify where the bottlenecks are. Generally, this test will uncover buffer overflow issues, memory leaks, or load balance problems.

Volume testing focuses on data volume. Similar to the concurrent users’ threshold, the amount of data processed or transferred is slowly increased. This test helps to determine the amount of data your site can handle before it starts to display errors or stop responding at all.

With stress testing, the site’s breaking point is targeted. With the information gathered from load and volume testing, the site is sent more data and users than it can handle. This type of stress is abnormal for the system, but it’s important to identify how the software responds and more importantly, how it recovers.

Reliability testing shows how well your site can maintain a normal load. An ‘everyday’ load is determined, applied, and held for a long period of time. This test can help identify memory leaks or other issues that a dramatic load test may miss.

QA Mentor’s QA Performance and Capacity Planning service, as well as our QA Performance Engineering & Optimization can help you find your site’s breaking point so you can fix inefficiencies prior to release, add additional hardware, or be prepared for future scalability needs. We will be able to tell you exactly how many users your site can handle before it starts to respond more slowly. We can point you to exactly how many transactions you can process per day, hour, or even per second before the site begins to exhibit stress.  We can then work with you to fix the performance issues and make sure your site is ready for production, and ready for the growth of your company.

How we do it

  • Determine the definition of normal and heavy loads for your application
  • Determine the definition of normal and heavy data transfer for your application
  • Determine potential growth of your business
  • Design tests to validate system performance for each defined load
  • Perform tests, log benchmarks, and gather vital data
  • Provide a report of testing results


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Benefits to a Customer

  • Early identification of bottlenecks
  • Quicker start for scalability plans
  • Money saved by identifying load issues before the customer is impacted
  • Peace of mind and confidence that your system can handle real world usage

Performance Testing Services

The field of software testing and quality assurance is huge. Software professionals understand the nitty-gritty of software testing, but aspiring software testing executives and software development companies looking for software testing services often get confused. Performance Testing and Performance Engineering are often misunderstood as one or the same things. However, both are different than each other, and today, in this blog of QA Mentor, we will give a clear understanding of both of these important terms.

Let’s start with the definition of Performance Testing. It is a testing process carried out in a controlled environment with real test cases by keeping the end user in mind. It is used to identify the responsiveness of the software under a controlled and predefined environment, hardware, and software. Also, it tests the performance of the software under specified load conditions which are more likely to occur while the software is in use by its users. The result of the performance testing gives clear information about the stability, speed, and responsiveness of the software.

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