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The goal of Mobile application testing services varies from vendor to vendor. Some developers focus on specific platforms while others try to accommodate as many as they can to maximize their client base.

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Mobile App Testing Services

Android Testing Services

We now live in a digital world. A world where reality can be augmented, choices can be predicted and strangers can be befriended within seconds.

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iOS App Testing Services

To perform app testing, the approach for you to follow is creating a device lab, using UI automation services.

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QA Lab Compatibility Services

Our lab is equipped to test all current mobile environments including Blackberry, Google Android, Apple iOS, Symbian, Windows, Firefox, Ubuntu, Tizen, Bada, and Brew.

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Mobile Testing Services refers to the testing of mobile applications on various mobile devices. Applications are tested for functionality and usability, as well as compatibility with multiple devices and platforms. Occasionally, the testing also involves compatibility with other mobile applications. With billions of dollars of revenue at stake through mobile app purchases, mobile testing has become a significant part of software quality assurance.

Since there are thousands of mobile devices and platforms, as well as hundreds of network operators using various technologies, mobile testing has some unique challenges. To meet these challenges, a combination of testing on actual devices and emulators is often employed.

The goal of mobile testing varies from vendor to vendor. Some developers focus on specific platforms while others try to accommodate as many as they can to maximize their client base. For all, the types of mobile testing are relatively the same.

  • Functional testing that ensures the application meets requirements
  • Laboratory testing to validate the voice or data connections
  • Performance testing to check behavior under certain conditions such as low battery, bad coverage, or low available memory
  • Memory leakage testing to verify memory allocation
  • Interrupt testing to make sure application function is able to recover from interruptions such as network outages, texts, or incoming calls
  • Usability testing to verify the ease of use and learning curve for the end user
  • Installation testing to verify that the installation process succeeds without error
  • Certification testing for compliance certificates that state the application meets guidelines set by each mobile platform

QA Mentor’s Lab Compatibility Services was designed for the sole purpose of testing all of these things and more. Our lab is equipped for testing in all mobile environments without the use of simulators.  We use real devices, hands-on to ensure certified compatibility.  With the software and expertise in place to start mobile testing immediately, QA Mentor (mobile testing company) has a team of individuals ready to dedicate to your mobile project.

Our Most Popular Services



Our On-Demand QA testing services for test design and test execution will allow you to schedule our resources whenever you need to.

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With over 300 mobile devices and 500 browser/OS combinations, we can certify all your products for worldwide usage.

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We can evaluate your processes of communication, testing, and accountability for efficiency and effectiveness to enhance, optimize.

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Our QA Automation practice is full of automation experts in a wide range of both open source and enterprise testing tools.

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Our unique performance offerings encompass capacity planning, performance engineering, and optimization coverage.

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Our team is proficient in aggressively attacking application defenses from all possible angles to find loopholes and weaknesses.

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We can execute 10,000 test cases overnight without a need for automation scripts whenever you need us.

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QA Mentor has access to 15,000 QA Testers in over 123 countries. Our ‘crowd’ is comprised of testing professionals, not users.

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More than 30 corporate onsite and remote training available with 20 e-learning covering entire QA domain.

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How we do it

  • Identify the portability requirements
  • Create portability tests for each requirement
  • Execute tests
  • Log any defects or issues
  • Retest after any changes
  • mobile app testing services


If you’re ready to take the next step and let QA Mentor – Mobile Testing Company help you with your Mobile Testing Services

Benefits to a Customer

  • Ensures all end users have the same experience
  • Makes sure that the application works as intended in all applicable configurations
  • Saves money by finding issues before production

We’re here when you need us. If you have questions about anything on our site or our services, or if you are ready to start a consultation, we want you to contact us so we’ve tried to make it easy.

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