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Endurance Testing

Also known as soak testing, endurance testing helps to determine if a system can sustain a continuous high load.

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Also known as soak testing, endurance testing helps to determine if a system can sustain a continuous high load. Memory utilization and performance degradation are closely monitored to detect potential leaks and ensure response times are suitable. Generally, this kind of test is done by applying a heavy load to a system for an extended period of time.  While some systems perform well with an hour of heavy loads, those same systems could experience degradation after three hours of sustained use.

Using the usage statistics gathered before the tests, an everyday load is determined for the site. Concurrent users and data transfer are incrementally increased that point and are held steady for a predetermined period of time. This test can help identify memory leaks or other issues that a dramatic load test may miss, and since this is the normal, everyday operating capacity of your site, it’s very important to feel confident it can maintain that consistency without error.

Endurance testing should be performed in a systematic, planned way and not ad hoc. For that reason, it’s often left to performance testing professionals who know how to create and adhere to a comprehensive test plan.

QA Mentor’s Performance and Capacity Planning and Performance Engineering and Optimization Services are here to help you professionally analyze, find, and resolve performance bottlenecks that could be holding your company back. By using end-to-end performance measurement, our highly skilled performance engineers can gauge the capability of your current system, pinpoint and analyze resource consumption, and assess the system’s performance against non-functional requirements.

How we do it

  • Analyze performance requirements
  • Establish suitable benchmarks
  • Create test plan and scenarios
  • Execute test plan
  • Compile a comprehensive report of our findings
  • Assist your team in optimization efforts


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Benefits to a Customer

  • No surprises in production
  • Less downtime
  • Faster response times
  • Identify scalability issues early

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