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How Can CIOs Benefit from Test Automation?

While CEOs experience the challenge of boosting top-line revenue increments, generally the CIOs are the controller of the technology that will directly better revenues. With the whole world going through digital eruption and all procedures experiencing transformation and automation, CIOs certainly have become an all-rounder, on whose authorization places the solution of the success of a company. While assuring that there are no errors in the end-product, CIOs also requires ignoring persistent innovation so as to enhance go-to-market times and gather more traffic.

With several companies utilizing multiple technologies making a path for speedy go-to-market and also concentrating on persistent deployment, it has become crucial for the CIOs to manipulate the methodology they strategize. Not only do they need to govern the failures and risks, but they also need to keep their organization running.

Incorporating test automation across the board will not just enhance production rate, but it also assists CIOs to save a large number of crucial times, investment and boost enhanced productivity.

Here are the top ways automation testing benefits CIOs – and so does to their organization:

  • Automated software testing saves money and time, thereby enhancing the bottom line:

Iterative software tests assist in maintaining quality. While manual iteration takes a huge amount of time and resources, test automation assists in running these persistently, thereby saving a lot of effort and time that directly results in improved bottom lines and cost savings.

  • Automation Testing enhances timeline and rate of marketing:

The quicker a company can get a product to marker, the better equipped it will be to meet consumer needs and demands. This factor is known to the best software testing companies because they are the ones who implement automation testing to reduce time-to-market.As per the statistics, the CIOs that perform early software testing get the advantages of persistent testing throughout the development methodology.

  • Minimizes risk:

When it comes to the best software quality assurance, experts execute automated tests at every corner to minimize the risk of a low-quality product being launched, which otherwise has the risk of ending up with revenue losses, bad user experience etc.

  • Enhances efficiency and accuracy:

While manual testing may involve monotonous iteration of test levels that may direct to unintended errors, automating the tests leads to the implementation of same steps being executed several times accurately- along with results in brief. This takes the load off from the CIOs considerably.

  • Boosts morale of a team:

As ones’ development, QA and testing teams get free from the boring and mundane task they can spend more time on the essential tasks and challenges. This provides a boost in their skills and confidence.

  • Assists developers and testers:

Top software companies which use software testing services get a huge benefit from automation testing. This helps to catch errors and bugs at the initial stage, which in turn, helps both developers and testers conserve a great deal of time later.

  • Automation assists in creating a virtual circumstance:

Automated testing assists in creating a simulated circumstance where several virtual users can communicate and work together to make a quality product.

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