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Step-wise Guide to Perform Penetration Testing

Any software needs to go through various types of tests to assure that it has the required competitive edge. Today, when the protection of information resources is a necessary requirement of business service, penetration test allows obtaining an objective assessment of how easy it is to make unauthorized access to corporate network resources and site of your company in what way and through which vulnerabilities.

Penetration testing service is a partial modeling of the action of the attacker to penetrate your information system. Thus, the ongoing work detects vulnerabilities in the network and, if possible, implements significant penetration, having found vulnerabilities.

We, QA Mentor, are one of the top QA companies that have been offering the best penetration services. We will share a stepwise guide that will give you a complete guide to run successful penetration testing.

What do you get as a result of penetration testing?

The report provided to the customer on the results of the penetration testing, contains a detailed description of the work performed, all identified system vulnerabilities and ways to implement them. The report also contains specific recommendations for fixing these vulnerabilities.

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