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Software Testing Services: The Main Sources for Information About Customer Needs

Software testing services companies verify the correctness of the requirements to make sure that the product is going to meet customer demands.

The methods and sources for gathering necessary information from customers depend on the specifics of the product and the development environment. It is necessary to listen to different points of view and select various information sources, and it once again confirms that the requirements collection process is closely related to the communication process. Here are some typical sources of information based on which software requirements are developed.

Surveys of potential users and discussions with them.

The most obvious way to know about the needs of potential users of the new software product is to interview them.

The documents which describe an already working or competing product.

These documents may also contain corporate or industry standards that must be followed, as well as the statutes and legislation, that the product must correspond to. Besides, you could use the description of already implemented and future business processes. The published comparative surveys reveal the shortcomings in other similar products that are worth paying attention to, in order to gain a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

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The system requirements specification.

A product that includes software and hardware components should come with the system requirements specification which describes the product as a whole. Specific requirements for the system generally relate to each subsystem. The analyst can isolate additional, smaller functional requirements from the requirements for a particular subsystem.

Error reports and complaints about the capabilities of a working system.

An in-house IT support team is a valuable source of information. They are aware of the problems faced by users of an operating system and constantly listen to customer ideas for improving the system’s next version.

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