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Software Testing Lab: Component or Module Testing

Software testing lab is an internationally recognized testing institute that provides a wide spectrum of onshore and offshore testing services and qa outsourcing when requested. It is designed for inspecting systems and applications by using various techniques and tools.

Recently, most testers and developers tend to apply the principle of process flexibility.

In computer programming, component or unit testing is a method that focuses on the product’s functionality and in which the smallest testable pieces of a software application are independently and individually scrutinized for correct operation. These units are functions, programs, modules, interfaces, objects, procedures, etc. Component testing differs from unit testing by higher level of integration.

As usual, component testing is run against the source code to verify that its every part is working properly. Component testing is also referred to as module or program testing. It provides support for development environment such as debugging tool or unit test structure. As a rule, all the defects found are usually repaired in the code itself without their official description in the bug tracking system.

Testing services company offers flexible solutions that can be adapted to different task requirements for any type of software testing. It is no secret that software defects constitute serious economic, social and sometimes strategic menaces. Having rich expertise and experience in software testing, qa specialists help IT companies release bug free apps. Find defects in your program before your clients will do.

One of the most effective approaches to component (module) testing is a preparation of automated unit cases before the software development process starts.  It is called test-driven development or test first approach. In this method, unit testing is repeatedly performed on source code. This programming technique involves reversing the common sequence of coding and testing processes. It helps the developers to create top quality software that meets all business needs.

Component testing is the same as module testing except that in this technique all the simulators and stubs are replaced with real objects and drivers while in the latter case, only concrete values are used.
In addition, you can also use pen testing service to seek out for flaws in your digital assets. It is one of the most effective ways to evidentiate that all exploitable defects within networking resources of your company have been uncovered, also by applying suitable patches.


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