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Top 3 Skills a Software Testing Expert Must Have

The world is changing and so does industry is! Everyday there are some inventions and tweaks. We, as QA Experts, have to keep our pace with the latest trends and technologies. Yes, we are dealing with short deadlines and very compressed schedules, but we have to invest in learning and sharpening certain skills for professional growth. If you will not have a learning attitude, you will become obsolete and you are more likely to lose your expertise and hold over the software testing and quality assurance industry.

If you are working in one of the best QA companies like QA Mentor, you will be benefited with the expert mentorship and regular learning activities. However, if you are not working in as such Top QA company, then you need to walk extra miles to keep yourself and knowledge upgraded. In this article, we will share the top 3 must have skills in a software testing expert to survive in the highly competitive Quality Assurance industry.

1. Adaptability

The technology changes every day and a software testing expert must have a thorough knowledge of each new innovation. In the past few years, we have witnessed so many new and innovative inventions such as Agile and DevOps development models, AR (Augmented Reality), VR (Virtual Reality), diversified mobile application, cloud technologies, big data, machine learning and artificial intelligence, increasing popularity of social media,so on and so forth. If you are working in a top QA company like QA Mentor, you may get an opportunity to work on projects using the latest trends and technologies. However, if you are not working in one of the best software testing companies, you need to put extra efforts to learn these new models, solutions, and technologies. You need to read tons of articles. As a software testing expert, you have to be adaptive to changes without leaving the tradition behind. Quick adaptability can work as one of the best skills in you and if you don’t have it you must cultivate it.

2. Knowledge of QA Testing Tools

The Quality Assurance industry is vast. There are many frameworks, tools, models, methodologies, so on and so forth in the software testing industry. Moreover, new inventions add more challenges and more tools in the life of a software testing engineer. A majority of software testing influencers advise to have strong skills in automation testing framework and programming, but based on our years of experience, we advise to keep your hands swift in all different frameworks, tools, and methods of software testing if you want to go far. You must have expertise in selecting the testing approach, test cases, testing tools, etc. to assure your test reach is the maximum, in the minimum possible test cases. To achieve this, you must have a thorough knowledge of QA and software testing tools.

3. Strong Communication Power (Written and Oral)

The strong communication skills must be there in you or else you will end up being just a team member for a lifetime. As a software testing expert, your communication skills must be exceptional in both written and oral communication. This skill will help you create test cases from requirement documents, convey defects more effectively, coordinate with the developers in the process of bug resolution, share project updates to clients or managers and more. Thus, you must cultivate strong communication skills.

These are the top 3 must have skills in each software testing expert.

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