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Will Software Testers Lose Jobs Due to Innovations in AI?

AI scares people more than fascinating them because one of the biggest threats people see with emerging AI branch is job loss. Machine learning and Artificial intelligence can replace humans to do almost anything and everything. Testers and QA engineers are not exceptions here because AI bots can run tests more efficiently and, in less time, compared to the human testing team. Also, the AI based tools can help the top software testing companies in the process of cutting down cost by performing tasks of 100 software testing engineers. AI can introduce testing bots that can analyze documents, create a test plan, define test cases, run test cases and log the bugs. There is nothing the AI bots can’t do. It has even started communicating with customers. You must have seen live examples shared by Google in which the bot booking appointment at the salon, hotel, etc. It can handle vague conversations as well. So, will all software testing and QA engineers working in the best software testing companies will lose their job! Oh, even the thought is so scary.

The answer is no. The software testers will not lose their job with the emergence of artificial intelligence and machine learning. The reason is both of these technologies are in the progression phase yet not matured enough. So, you are definitely safe until it gets into the mature phase. However, it can get matured sooner because technology giants like Microsoft, Google, Facebook are investing billions of dollars to make it work and they are succeeding as well. So will the testers lose jobs?

No, they will not. Even if this technology gets into the mature phase, it will not take the job of the testing experts. The reason is machine learning has certain limitations. It can only work on the problem that the AI system already knows. If it is exposed to some unknown scenario, the system may not give expected results. Also, there are chances that the AI testing tools are expensive for the top software testing companies. So, the testers are safe?

The answer is again, no. The AI aims to change lives and the software testers are not an exception. Time is not too far when new tools will be introduced in the QA testing industry to speed up the testing phase. You can compare it with the automation testing tools. As automation testing didn’t take testing jobs, AI testing tools won’t take away your job either. However, it may definitely change the way a majority of the best QA companies work these days. To cope with these changes, the software testing engineers need to adopt these changes and that also quickly. The testing engineers that fail to match the pace with the revolution brought by machine learning and AI may lose their job. So can you do something to save your job?

The answer is YES. Yes, it is finally, yes. You need to start learning AI and its related tools. You can also cultivate skills in AI testing. This exposure towards AI world will ensure that you don’t get looked over when it paves its way in the QA and testing industry. The knowledge and familiarity with AI will give you the required boost to your morale and career to keep your job intact and shine in it.

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