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Software Quality Assurance Testing Services: Characteristics of Excellent Product Requirements

How can you tell the difference between a superior software requirements specification from a problematic one? The best way to determine whether your product requirements have desirable attributes or not – ask a few people, who are interested in the project, to examine the specification carefully. They will discover different types of problems. For instance, QA analysts and software developers are unable to accurately determine the completeness or correctness of the document, while the users fail to assess the technical specifications.

Software quality assurance testing services are provided to meet your QA demands and ensure that your software will be developed in accordance with its requirements specification.

The features of certain provisions of the requirements specification document

In a perfect world, every single user, business or functional requirements correspond to various quality parameters:


Each requirement must fully and competently describe the functionality that should be implemented in the product. Namely, it must include all the information required for developers to create this piece of functionality. If you know that a certain kind of data is not enough, use a note TBi> (to be determined) in the margins as a standard flag to accentuate this part of the doc. You should fill all the gaps in each fragment of requirements specification before proceeding to design this function.


Each requirement must correctly and accurately describe the desired functionality. To ensure the correctness it is necessary to identify and understand the requirements sources, such as the user’s needs and expectations, or higher-level systems. Software requirements which conflict with the parent demands cannot be considered as valid. However, in this case, the main assessment is made by the representatives of the users, that is why they or their immediate deputies need to be provided with the requirements for review. Usability testing companies are responsible for ensuring usability of a software product, making it user-friendly and optimizing its performance.


It should be possible to implement each requirement under certain conditions and restrictions of the system and operating environment. In order not invent inaccessible provisions of the document, be sure to provide interaction between designers and marketers and requirements analysts during the entire requirements elicitation process. The developers will really determine what can be done technically, and what is unrealizable, or what can be done with additional funding. Technical writing services will help you create a really worthy documentation that will contribute to the success of your project.


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