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Software Quality Assurance Testing Services: Are Test Сases So Important for Any Project?

Test cases. Terminology and general information

A test case is a set of test steps representing the particular actions to be taken by the user to execute the test.

 Its formal definition is as follows:

A test case is a set of variables or conditions under which a tester determines whether an application, the system or one of its features is functioning in compliance with the requirements specification.

If a test case has no expected results, execution environment, preconditions, input data then it is a bad test case and sometimes it does not make sense to execute it.

Before providing software quality assurance testing services, every tester acquires good knowledge and experience in the field of software testing.  

The high-level test case is a test case that does not have expected results or precise input data; it is used to determine the functionality of a module/system in an extended sense without going deep inside the functionality.

As a rule, it is limited to general operations and scenarios. High-level test cases are frequently written for integration tests, system tests, and smoke tests. It may be regarded as a starting point for exploratory testing or for designing low-level test cases. It is noteworthy, that software test services include different types of testing apart from the above-mentioned ones.

The low-level test case has concrete input data and expected results. It is designed to go into many details relating preconditions and to cover all the functionality. The cases have to do with UI in the app. Beginner testers are usually taught to write namely these test cases because it is much easier to create a detailed test scenario than to understand what data may be ignored without making the test case less effective.

Test case specification describes a set of test cases (including their goals, input data, variable, conditions, expected results for a test object or test item).

Test specification is a document that includes test design specification and /or test procedure specification.

Test scenario, test procedure specification describes detailed step-testing operations (it is also known as a test script).

Software testing lab is meant for testing computer software or hardware. Basically, in this office, the most precise and effective tests cases are written and run. They can be suitable for onshore and offshore mobile & web services.


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