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Software QA Company: Detailed Descriptions of The Tests

The use of test tables for documenting and recording test execution results allows you to avoid making proper descriptions of the test cases since they contain ambiguous input conditions. This raises the risk of being unable to reproduce the test by the same method. A good test case should contain input test conditions for the item to be tested, execution conditions and the expected results [IEEE 610.12], as well as the previous and the subsequent status of all the data, whether they are the buffer memory content, data packages, screen dumps or other objects that contain data. In the GUI environment, a fully defined test case describes the current status, including the contents of all the fields and any other specified conditions and variables. We are going to consider all possible questions that enable the introduction of the letter “a” in the Username field.

Software QA Company helps its clients to choose the right development and testing strategies to launch a prosperous product.

  • Was this field blank before introducing the character “a”?
  • Do I have to clear the field to test the next test input data?
  • Is there space up ahead?
  • Does this test depend on the data that have been entered in other dialog boxes?

A good test case contains enough detail so that you can avoid all the worst surprises. A test table is a basis for the development of more comprehensive tests by creating checklists with input conditions which should be fulfilled. For instance, a test table сan list testing requirements, on the basis of which the test cases will be written so that to check the example with a dialog box. Each cell defines specific test conditions which are considered as a set of testing requirements, and each cell is marked with “TR-number”, where the “TR” – an abbreviation of the testing requirements. As long as this identifier is unique, it does not matter what the prefix and value will be, and whether or not they will appear in any particular order. Software testing as a service is increasingly popular with a majority of enterprises, helping people to lower the high costs associated with software errors by performing validation on the app under development. Regardless of scope and frequency of testing needs, it is cost-effective and time-saving to hire offshore QA experts to do your job for you.

This type of table helps to trace the conversion of the testing requirements into the test cases and vice versa. For example, the table clarifies that, for example, TR-1 requirement implements the event, which consists in pressing <BACKSPACE> key in the blank Username field. Any test cases which refer to the TR-11, indicate that in the test, in non-empty Password field which, however, does not contain the maximum number of characters, the wrong character (symbol) is placed. References links to testing requirements are a part of the test case documentation and namely, the tester is responsible for confirming that these references are correct. Technical writing service is useful when it comes to preparing good content for project documentation.


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