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Software Development and Quality Assurance Outsourcing

Now, one of the popular terms in business is “outsourcing”. In relation to commercial activity, outsourcing can be defined as the refusal of private business process and the acquisition of services for its realization from third-party organizations. In any business, the outsourcing is usually resorted in the situations when it is required to perform a certain amount of work, non-core or secondary to the company-customer and therefore the outsourcing of information technology – is a fairly common phenomenon. Now the companies are ordered various projects, ranging from the developing of strategies of information technologies development, to development of apps and that is caused by certain advantages.

At first, giving the solution of part of your tasks to companies that specialize in a particular activity (e.g. application development), it is possible to improve the quality and reliability of these tasks solution, as well as the predictability of the result. Secondly, the outsourcing of the part of non-core activities will allow not diverting personal employees for activities that are not corresponding to their professional aspirations. Thirdly, the subcontractor that specializes in certain types of work has extensive experience and replicable solutions for common tasks that reduce the cost and accelerate their resolution. Fourthly, specifically, companies that specialize in a particular kind of IT services possess the most advanced technologies, because, for them, the use of these technologies is a key success factor. Finally, the transferring of the app development on the outsourced software testing services will allow not keeping in the IT-unit the staff of developers that will allow avoiding problems associated with managing them. The outsourcing of software development has a number of specific features, and they differ significantly in the cases when the client-company is not engaged in the development of software, and when the client-company itself is specialized on the software development.

However, despite the attractiveness of the outsourcing software development, it is worth to realize the possible negative consequences of the decision to transfer the works of the software development to another company. At first, while giving the works of software development to the third parties, the company inevitably entrusts another company a certain percentage of its secrets, exposing itself to the risk of confidential data leakage. Sometimes it turns out that while organizations of outsourcing you have to make extra efforts to hide from the partner who is in charge of the development, the details of full application architecture or features of key business processes.

Secondly, there is another problem that the customers of outsourcing developing of software services are faced with. It consists of the necessity to invest in the immersion of the contractor’s employees in the specifics of the business processes. Starting a project with the use of outsourcing, it is necessary to spend some efforts in order the partner will able to perform his entrusted task, for example, to provide the descriptions of business processes, and sometimes to send to the courses of training in some technologies (especially it concerns the specifics of the industry technology). Ultimately, it can appear that such implicit learning of the partner’s employee costs the customer very expensive, and it would be more profitable to invest these forces and resources in the customer’s own employees.

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