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Significant Role of Automation Testing Company In Software Development

Part of the test process regarding automation can provide such long-term benefits:

  • reduce the time required to perform a set of tests;
  • reduce the involvement of the tester in the testing work;
  • simplify regression tests;
  • allow to simulate thousands of simultaneous users;
  • help to avoid using human errors thanks to specialized tools that control the repetitive and time-consuming tasks.

Test automation refers to the two key testing processes: test execution and output evaluation. Many commercial tools support such testing processes. Below are the most common testing tools used by the best software testing company.  

Record and playback tools register the events (including keystrokes, mouse actions and results mapping) when the tester launches an application and adds the information to the script. Theoretically, the tool can then reproduce the script in order to run the application, but in practice recorded tests have limited capabilities for work but well-structured implementation scenarios provide significant advantages.

Comparators find differences between the two sets of data and then determine the test result. The tester can often specify the data that should be ignored. For example, while ignoring differences in the date/time fields, the test will be considered as passed if the rest of the data are correct. Automated testing service is an ideal method to get your software projects to market efficiently and rapidly.

Testing tools create an environment that initializes the application, sends data to it, registers the output data, sends the output to the comparator for evaluation and record the results.

However, test automation requires considerable effort to achieve desirable goals. The acquirement of a testing tool does not necessarily mean successful automation of the testing process, because test automation is based only on quality testing processes. Therefore, if the environment is chaotic, the existing chaos will be simply automated. Creating a user-friendly automation test environment takes time and the benefits can be obtained only after running several iterations of a test.

The popularity of automated software testing as a service cannot be measured as it is enormous due to its continuous benefits: reduced number of test cycles, faster time-to-market, increased scope, and coverage, etc.


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