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Service Quality Assurance: What Contributes to Developing of Superior Software

Service quality assurance is needed to confirm that you do not deviate from the requirements specification while building a software application. To create high-quality software products and perform effective software testing it is extremely important to consider the following key principles of software design and development.

  • Elicitation and establishment of clear product requirements simplify development and testing processes.
  • Project management sets the resources and schedules for the project, as well as monitors the actual design work.
  • Software configuration management allows you to track changes throughout the development life cycle.
  • Software quality assurance confirms that the product is designed according to established norms.
  • Revision, in general, is the process by which people evaluate some of the work. Other project members can learn about the product at the time of its inspection. Software audit is a specific type of review which follows stricter rules.

Pen testing services help to identify both internal and internal weaknesses that exist in security mechanisms of IT infrastructure.

To carry out a successful test, you need to carefully configure a test environment. Tests are used at all stages of software development (from unit testing to comprehensive testing of the product as a whole). Regression testing is the repetition of existing tests to confirm the correct operation of the previously working functions. Approval testing is the final checkpoint that assesses end-user requirements (in most cases, the client himself does this job).

Creation and execution of tests are only two important activities that constitute the software test life cycle. In test planning stage, the overall testing strategy is defined by authorized people. Testing tools help automate many testing tasks. A problem report generation system allows you to track information about failed tests. The final report created based on the test execution results sums up the testing work is done and statistics on it.

More important information you need to acquire about software quality

The information contained in the test plan helps the tester to acquire the necessary resources to create a test environment and define an approach for creating tests. After the plan has been approved by managers it becomes the calendar plan of the testing process and it also strengthens the tester’s awareness of their scope of responsibility.

Performance testing service lets you verify the stability of any software program in terms of its speed and effectiveness under various workloads.

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