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Sequence Techniques Used by Best Software Testing Companies

The sequence methods allow software testers to distribute the tests, so that the tests assigned a higher priority can be executed before the tests having a lower priority, and then use only the first tests for repeated execution. This is particularly important when the testers can afford only the repeated execution of a small number of regression tests. Offshore software testing is an opportunity to forget spending enormous sums of money on product development.

For one of the tests, sequencing problems is the lack of ideas about how many tests should be selected for a particular project. In contrast to the minimization approach that uses a minimal set of test cases, the optimal number of sequenced sets of tests is unknown. There is a problem of balance between what needs to be done during regression testing, and what we can afford. As a result, the number of the tests to be run depends on the time and budget limitations, and the sequence of the tests contained in the site. In light of these factors you should rerun as many tests as possible, starting with the top row of the list containing sequenced tests. You probably know that automated testing service contributes to the reduction of time spent on testing effort, and still improvement of quality.

The possible advantage of sequencing tests is that the complexity of the corresponding algorithm, 0 (n2) in the worst case, smaller than the complexity of the minimization algorithm, which in some cases may require exponential running time.

The problem of sequencing tests can be summarized as follows: 

You have: T – set of tests, PT – set of rearranged tests T, f – function of the PT for the set of real numbers.

Find: T’ set Є PT such that:

(VT “) (T” Є RT) (T’’ T’) [f (T ‘)> / (T “)]

In the given formula PT is a set of all possible sequencing options – T, and f – a function that, when applied to any such sequencing, gives the weight. (Assume that large weight values are preferred over small ones.

Sequencing can have different objectives: 

  • Increasing the frequency of error detection thanks to the test sets, i.e. an increase in the probability of detecting errors earlier, during execution of regression tests contained in these sets.
  • Accelerating code coverage over system to achieve the desired code coverage in the first stages of the testing process.

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