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Role of Automation Testing in Software Ecosystem

The fierce competition and increasing expectations of the users have started forcing companies to challenge themselves. Each company needs to work in the direction to reduce the development cycle so it can market and launch the product faster. Automation Testing is one of the major contributors in the reduced development cycles and increased quality of the product.

In automation software testing, the software testing company builds a pack of regression testing scripts that can be run in the shortest possible time. The automation testing helps businesses to achieve three most important benefits which are listed below:

  • Save time
  • Better resource utilization
  • Increase test coverage

The testing automation is empowering businesses to achieve ultimate success and increasing ROI. Let’s see the critical role of testing automation in the software ecosystem.

Faster Feedback

Speed is one of thekey factors of success in many industries. The test automation delivers the same. It removes the arduous manual software testing efforts, in all possible ways. The test automation service assures to cut down any delays by providing prompt feedback, which can be worked upon immediately by the development team. Furthermore, the regression automation testing keeps software development and QA testing predictable, assessable and well paced with the predefined schedule.

Only Focus is Quality

Quality is at heart of any product or solution. Assuring quality is a shared responsibility of QA and Software development team. Both need to work in perfect coordination with each other. The full regression testing produces a list of defects which are creating roadblocks in the process of delivering the highest quality. The consistent regression testing can help in identifying the bugs at different stages of the software development life cycle to save time at the end and to assure hitting the market on a predefined schedule.

Redefine the role of software testing experts

Gone are the days when the software testing engineers were spending hours and hours in testing the same functionality manually. This is the time for redefining the role and activities with software testing automation. In fact, this is a necessity for all software testing companies because adoption of development models such as DevOps, Agile, etc. has changed the role of software testing experts. Now, they need to be more prompt. QA testing experts must spend time in assessing test cases and trying to build a strategy of using the regression software testing and test automation tools for shortest possible test cycle and larger reach.

End Note:

Testing Automation has redefined the role of QA testing experts. It has helped to match pace with the challenging development models such as Agile, Scrum and DevOps. Thus, it is important to use automation testing by all software testing companies.

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