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What is RPA in Business?

Robotic Process Automation or RPA is a next generation business process automation which helps in defining the set of instructions for a robot to execute. RPA is primarily about automating the repetitive tasks and processes in the workplace. It automates everyday processes that once required human action – often a great deal of it performed in rote, time-consuming fashion. That’s also how RPA promises to boost efficiency for organizations.

Faster ROI with Smarter Technologies

Business processes face challenges on a daily basis, be it simple back-office tasks or time consuming operational activities. Our RPA offering helps in automating more business processes with scalable potential and speed of RPA mechanism. Bots are capable of acting on AI insights to complete tasks without any lag time and enable the achievement of digital transformation through the following offering from QA Mentor.

RPA services

RPA Center of Excellence (CoE)

rpa services

Staff Augmentation: QA Mentor can place full-time RPA professionals on your team for a 3M – 1Y term. We have highly skilled and experienced consultants available for each of the platforms we work with. With the progress of your RPA journey, the business needs keep changing. Our flexible staff augmentation model allows to overcome ad-hoc volume increases, skill gaps and resource shortage.

robotic automation services

Managed Services: Our RPA Managed Services help in effective management and maintenance of the post implementation phase of the Robotic Process Automation (RPA) solutions. It provides ongoing monitoring and maintenance of the bots to ensure operational efficiency. Our expert guidance and proactive monitoring enables the maximization of ROI on RPA investment and helps in achieving long-term milestones.

rpa managed services

Assessment and Professional Services: Our cutting edge RPA Professional Services provide access to the RPA knowledge hub and expert talent pool to solve your business problems. There are different phases of RPA development – plan, design, build, test and maintain. Our team of expert RPA consultants provide required support and insights during each phase of the RPA development enabled with advanced technologies.

RPA Services

RPA Training and Knowledge Hub: Your RPA journey can be started through our tailored RPA training programs delivered by our expert RPA consultants. The RPA expert instructors can deliver the classes on your campus or online. Our knowledge hub consists of an RPA lab to support the training with pilot projects.

RPA services training

Custom RPA Services: Every business has its own problem statements and its own challenges, and a generic set of RPA services and solutions would not fit all. We understand our customers, hence we analyze the needs of our customers with different perspectives and contexts, and provide customized RPA services and solutions to solve the business problems of our customers.

custom rpa services training

Infrastructure Services: An upgraded RPA Infrastructure ensures the access to the modern features with speedy services. Alongside, it helps in security and stability concerns of the implementations as well. Businesses should consider RPA infrastructure services to enable – start of new RPA program and scaling up of RPA technologies.

rpa services on cloud

Recognition of Automation: For effective use of automation, businesses need to identify the most meaningful and cost-effective opportunities of automation. With our Recognition of Automation as a service, high value automation opportunities are discovered and implemented. These unique services are compatible with intelligent automation technologies.

Recognition of Automation:

Cloud-Bot-as-a-Service (CBaaS)

Cloud-Bot-as-a-Service is a cloud-based service that provides a managed and secure environment for deploying Robotic Process Automation (RPA) bots. It enables our customers to easily automate repetitive business processes and provides the benefits of scalability and reliability as well.

The primary objectives of CBaaS offering is to:

  • Enable customers to easily deploy and manage the RPA bots
  • Availability of a managed and scalable environment for bot deployments
  • Improved efficiency of business processes for our customers
  • Security and compliance of customer’s data and operations
  • A flexible and cost-effective solution for RPA needs
RPA services cbaas

CBaaS Service Components

Intelligent RPA Solutions

Industry leaders across different business domains are using our intelligent RPA solutions to achieve a faster, profitable and enhanced business outcome. Our RPA solutions ensure the satisfaction of our customers and their employees as well.

Banking and Financial Services:

banking and financial

Our RPA solutions support full coverage of banking systems and covers the key use cases of the domain:

➔ The process of accounts payable and receivable
➔ Financial fraud detection
➔ Reporting of reconciliations and monthly closures
➔ Mortgage processing and reporting



The Healthcare industry is data heavy and deals with critical needs of the society. QA Mentor’s RPA solutions makes the processes easy for the businesses to ensure more focus on the core operational activities by the Healthcare professionals:

➔ Management of patient data and records
➔ Analysis of diagnostics data
➔ Scheduling of appointments and incidents
➔ Tracking and management of assets
➔ Support for treatment care



Using RPA, the hyper automation enables insurance organizations to be more effective and helps in increasing their customer satisfaction score. The key use cases being addressed by use of our RPA solutions are:

➔ Automated claims processing
➔ Administration of insurance policies
➔ Generation of quotes and estimates
➔ Evaluation of risks and underwriting processes
➔ Business operation analytics



Manufacturing business units have adapted bots to optimize their assembly line and production by controlling the costs with improved efficiency. Our RPA solutions serve the following key use cases of manufacturing industry:

➔ Creation and management of purchase orders
➔ Processing of invoices
➔ Inventory management
➔ ERP automation with integrated systems



Retail businesses are being highly competitive with more focus on improving customer experience, cost reduction and product availability. For more efficient operations, the retail industry is using RPA to a large extent. Our RPA solutions help the retail industry to solve the following key use cases:

➔ Planning of demand and supply
➔ Categorization of products and inventory
➔ Analysis of sales forecast
➔ Workforce management
➔ Call center operation and customer support



The telecom business relies on repetitive and high-frequency manual processes and follows strict rules. Our RPA solutions boost the operational efficiency by providing 24/7 support and by addressing key use cases of telecom industry:

➔ Billing and invoice processing
➔ Automated incident management
➔ Monitoring of network usage through data aggregation
➔ Porting of customer numbers
➔ Resolution of network downtime

Government and Public Sector:

government and public sector

The effective use of public resources is one of the major focuses in the Government sector. RPA engages the creation of bots to perform repetitive and rules-based tasks with consistent workflows. Our RPA solutions support the Government and public sector customers to resolve some of the primary use cases: ➔ Automation of statutory processes

➔ Analysis of public sentiment
➔ Migration of data from different public departments
➔ Automated procurement processes
➔ Public facing tasks and incidents

Supply Chain and Logistics:

supply chain

A lot of organizations are utilizing the power of automation in supply chain management to enhance their operational efficiency. RPA is the first step towards the journey of automation to remove the manual processes and to enable the error-free data entry processes. Our RPA solutions enables this journey and solves some of the key challenges:

➔ Scheduling and tracking of shipment
➔ Tracking of order and inventory
➔ Order processing and payments
➔ Management of transportation and logistics
➔ Automated selection of vendors

Energy and Utilities:

energy and utilities

RPA has emerged as an important technology in the energy and utilities sector which improves the operational efficiency and the dynamics of the workforce. QA Mentor’s RPA solutions enable the easy transition of critical business cases:

➔ New account registration and setup
➔ Validation of meter reading
➔ Generation of energy billing and statements
➔ Analysis of data patterns
➔ Optimization of energy production with minimal waste


HR payroll

HR plays an important role in every business which focuses on critical areas like employee lifecycle, recruitment, payroll processing, organization policies etc. Our RPA solutions involves the deployment of bots that takes care of high value tasks like candidate sorting, hiring and employee data management more accurately, faster and with increased HR efficiency:

➔ Learning and development administration
➔ Payroll batch processing
➔ Employee benefit invoice reconciliation
➔ New employee recruitment and onboarding
➔ Automated performance management cycles
➔ Travel and expense management

Case Studies

banking system

Banking and Financial Services











supply chain

Supply Chain and Logistics


Government and Public Sector


Energy and Utilities

HR process




Human resource domain


Why QA Mentor?

why qa mentor

Enhanced Productivity

Get the repetitive tasks done by the bots to ensure more time for the employees to focus on innovation.

Larger Throughput

24×7 support to complete automated tasks within a moment.

Accelerated Deployments

Faster deployments of automation initiatives with quick turnaround time.

Return on Investment

After RPA implementation in business, ROI of 152% was monitored by QA Mentor for a global financial organization.


RPA enables growth and expansion of business by increasing the capacity. With help of RPA best practices, business can ensure optimized processes to scale across entire workflows.


Using RPA, businesses can access accurate data from various sources to enable improved analytics and can gain real-time insights into their automated processes.


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