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Recommendations to Become A High-Value Employee in Quality Assurance Companies

What you should know

Be advised, that you need to cherish your relationship with chief executives in the company. In small and medium size enterprises you are likely to have to collaborate with many middle managers. But, actually, you report to only one boss who is the QA Manager.

It is desirable for you to be assertive and show a real interest in the success of the project while working together with these leaders. If you have good communication skills if will be easier for you to come in contact with various kinds of people. Moreover, you cannot avoid negotiating with your team-mates and principals different issues due to the nature of the job involved. After all, being social, friendly and initiative you will make the lead understand that you are a team player and valuable to your company. As a result, this will positively impact your career and salary.

It is a real pleasure to work for quality assurance companies if you love the job. In fact, even if you are not a college graduate but an inquisitive and quick on the uptake you have all the chances to make a good QA Analyst.


You should dedicate much time to learning. Acquiring relevant knowledge you become more competent in the area and, consequently, is worthy to be hired by the employers even if they are very demanding.

As soon as you feel sure that you have a good understanding of QA process and what it involves – the manual testing method – it is an appropriate time to use Test Automation in order to start examining possibilities.

For example, such a tool as TestComplete can be useful for creating “scripts” that will be of equal worth to “test cases”, but, it is possible to run the test on its own – by schedule or on demand. You are responsible for designing and maintaining the tests and providing flexibility to QA department staff for them to be able to carry out tests in a quicker and more effective way. Load Runner is another common automated tool. It helps to identify issues associated with the software performance. Both Load Runner and TestComplete can be added to your resume since they are essential skill sets.

In fact, software development quality assurance is extremely critical to every software project. When QA professionals are involved in the process they can take due care of the quality of the products manufactured.

You should get certified

It makes sense to get certified. ITIL (The Information Technology Infrastructure Library) is a globally recognized certification that approves employers who have a huge commitment to the best practices in software industry.

ISTQB (The International Software Testing Qualifications Board); this certification gives a guarantee that a certificate holder has a good grasp of software testing basic concepts. It has been proven that certified specialists get paid more than non-certified ones. By the way, most software testing companies in USA prefer hiring employees according to their credentials. The more reputable certification agency, the better job offer as well as salary the holder receives.


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