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Random QA Knowledge You Would Love To Know

Quality Assurance and Software Testing is a challenging job, but it is fun as well. The experts performing tests for long hours, usually enjoy the work. The people who don’t enjoy the world of testing and quality assurance often give up their career halfway because it is a challenging job.

You, as a QA and Software tester, need to keep yourself updated with the latest trends and technologies without leaving the traditional tools and technology behind. Also, you need to keep working on yourselves to provide the best results and productivity. To rejuvenate you with some fun stuff related to QA and testing field, we will share top 10 things you would love to know. These facts will make you feel proud of your profession.

  1. QA industry came into existence during World War II. Since, then it is in existence and growing popularity worldwide.
  2. Since inception, QA field has made a lot of improvements and expansions. In the early days of QA industry, the job of QA Engineer was just to assure that the product works at the end. In the past few years, radical changes and inventions have introduced in this industry and made it even more complex and important.
  3. In 1987, ISO 9000 was published and it is still valid in 2018.
  4. ISO 9000 and CMMI are official regulations that characterize Quality Assurance.
  5. Defects in software are not inevitably bugs. However, bugs in the software are defects all the time.
  6. Software testing can be performed with a lot of connected tests and even by doing nothing at all. In both cases, you will get measurable results, which can be used to find bugs, defects, and issues in the software. The trick is you need to use close monitoring to yield results.
  7. According to industry influencers, testing is equally or even more important than coding.
  8. Each QA Company or even two engineers within the same company may have different test cases and approach to achieve quality.
  9. Testing automation can’t resolve everything. Manual testing was important; it is still important and will always have its important place in the industry.
  10. You must show gratitude to developers because without them the software testing and QA industry couldn’t exist.

Some fun and some interesting facts must have made your day! Don’t forget to share it with your fellow testing and QA engineers.


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