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Quality Consulting Firms: Features of Good Test Cases

Even a perfect test case may appear to be of bad quality if it has been written incorrectly, with irrelevant features.

The right technical language. This feature equally belongs to requirements, test cases and bug reports – to any documentation. To generate effective test case you need:

  • Write it in brief and comprehensive manner;
  • Use present infinitive;
  • Necessarily use exact names and technically correct definitions of an application’s components;
  • Never explain the basic principles of working with computer (it is supposed that your colleagues know what menu option means and how to operate it.

Quality consulting firms are always ready to provide consulting that works. They have many years’ experience and expertise in software testing area so that to cover all the aspects of development life cycle.

Specificity-similarity-match. The more details or parameters are contained in the test case the more specific it becomes. Accordingly, test case is considered to be more common if it does not contain many particularities.

Please, pay attention to the table’s fields: “steps” and “expected results” of the two test cases (you need to reflect on which test case is good and which – bad):

Test case 1:

Steps Expected results

Conversion from all supported encodings


Create folders C:/A, C:/B, C:/C, C:/D.

Put files 1.html, 2.txt, (taken from the attached archive) in the folder C:/D.

Run the app, executing the command “php converter.php c:/a c:/b c:/c/con-verter.log”.

Copy the files 1.html, 2.txt, from the folder C:/D to the folder C:/A.

Stop the app by pressing the combination of buttons Crtl+C.

1. App console log is displayed with a message “current_time – started, source dir c:/a, destination dir c:/b, log file c:/c/converter.log”.

In the folder C:/C, there is the file converter.log with a message “current_time started, source dir c:/a, destination dir c:/b, log file c:/c/converter.log”.

Files 1.html, 2.txt, are appearing in the folder C:/A, then disappearing from it and appear again in the folder C:/B. In console log and file C:/C/converter.log you can see messages (records) “current_time –   processing 1.html (KOI8-R)”, “current_time –   processing 2.txt (CP-1251)”, “current_time – processing (CP-866)”.

In the file C:/C/converter.log you can see the message “current_time closed”. Application stops working.

If you still have a vague idea of good test cases after reading this article you can ask a quality assurance consultant to advise you on this issue. This specialist can really help you acquire appropriate knowledge on test cases even if you have a learning disability.

Test case 2

Steps Expected results

Conversion from all supported encodings

Convert three differently encoded files of maximum allowed size.

1.Files are moved to destination folder and get encoded as UTF-8.

If you are unable to determine which case is better look for help from a quality assurance team. The experts will make you understand how to differentiate between these, and also they will contribute to enrichment of your background knowledge in IT industry within the shortest time possible.


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